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Kathy has helped 14,000 unemployed people and counting re-enter the workforce

For over 16 years, Kathy has helped over 14,000 unemployed people re-enter the workforce through Launch Pad Job Club – without being paid a dime herself.

With Kathy’s guidance, Launch Pad Job Club has become the largest networking and support group for job seekers in Central Texas, providing all classes free of charge with the goal to educate, motivate and build confidence in those who need it most. Though Kathy is no longer the organization’s leader, she is still the club’s biggest monthly donor and continues to volunteer each week without fail. She volunteers with Launch Pad’s signature program called Leap to Success and continues to volunteer to meet individually with club members and Austin Community College (ACC) students to review their resumes, LinkedIn profiles, leads networking and information meetings and teaches interviewing skills, salary negotiation and so much more.

To celebrate Kathy and her 16 years of helping others re-enter the workforce and increase their confidence, we gathered at a local park with Launch Pad Job Club alumni, Leap to Success members and the TyRex staff to say, “Thank You!” In recognition of Kathy, RecognizeGood made a $1,000 donation in her name to the Center for Survivors of Torture.

Special thank you to Crown Trophy for a beautiful award donation to Kathy.

To learn more about Kathy, see photos from her Legend Ceremony, and learn more about Launch Pad Job Club and Leap to Success visit her Legend page

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