RecognizeGood Legend provides safe, clean water to 250,000+

Eric Bailey has traveled over 71,000 miles to donate his engineering expertise through Well Aware, building clean water systems that have helped transform nearly a quarter of a million lives.

Eric Bailey has been a volunteer with Well Aware, an Austin-based global charity that partners with East African communities to build clean water systems, for just over three years. He has used his technical expertise as a civil engineer for the City of Austin to help plan, implement, and provide oversight for over 20 clean water projects in East Africa, which amounts to almost a third of Well Aware’s total projects. Eric’s support and time have led to transforming almost a quarter of a million lives through the implementation of clean water systems – he has selflessly traveled more than 71,000 miles to contribute to this work, using personal vacation days from his full-time job.

“In this sector, it is difficult to find volunteers willing to give as much as Eric has to this cause,” says Well Aware’s Executive Director Kareece Sacco. “He not only gives his time, but also his connections, own funds, and vacation days. He has gone above and beyond for the good of others on the opposite side of the planet.”

For more on Eric’s impact, head to his Legend page.

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