STAC 2013 Ceremony

Say Thanks Austin | Closing Ceremony & Awards

Today we had the pleasure of honoring our 2012 Legends in an outdoor ceremony. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day out at city hall! Earl Maxwell was our master of ceremonies, and led us through our 3rd annual awards ceremony.

It was such an honor to recognize our unsung heroes, and acknowledge the amazing individuals who have been behind the scenes and making a difference in our community. Mayor Leffingwell also shared, with thankful words for the incredible good our Legends have brought to all of us.

The first recognition in the ceremony were our participating past Legends, who received a pay-it-forward donation of $250 to their designated charities.

Next we honored our Legends of 2012, beginning with the six Legends awarded $500 pay-it-forward donations to their designated charities. They were as follows:

  • Annie Brandt
  • Joyce White
  • Shelby Romero
  • George Wunderlick
  • Tiffany Roberts
  • Jim and Martha Wallace

We also had a special recognition for Gina Reynolds, presented by Dave Fendrick. Gina contributed to RecognizeGood with graphic designs, and in her honor a $1,000 donation was presented to The Samaritan Center for Counseling and Pastoral Care.

Last, but not least, our top three Legends who had received the most Thank-You’s were presented with pay-it-forward donations to their designated charities as follows:

  • $1,500 to John Lorek and Felix Madrid
  • $2,500 to Jeff and Jana Holst
  • $10,000 to Laura Orona, represented by her father, Tino Hernandez

Over all we received 16,000 Thank-You’s during the campaign! We would just like to thank everyone again who helped to participate in this wonderful event, and what a great time we had at the ceremony today! And let’s not forget, it’s time to begin honoring a new season of Legends, so if you know of an unsung hero who you would like to see recognized, head over to and recognize them today!

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